For Students

Alumni activities are open to all UIC Engineering students, regardless of expected graduation date:


  • Free student participation in most EAA events (no membership dues)
  • Professional networking activities
  • Educational and Technical events
  • Access to Alumni events and newsletters
  • Opportunities for leadership (more info below)
  • Apply for a Student Ambassador position (more info below)
  • Be a part of the Alumni Mentoring Program (more info below)


Leadership of the EAA is not limited to only alumni. A strong student perspective is crucial for the EAA’s continued growth. Students can take on a variety of leadership roles. Questions or to get involved – email us.

  • Apply for the Student Ambassador Program
    • The Student Ambassador Program is open to all current UIC Engineering Students and is described below.
  • Join an EAA Committee
    • Committee roles come with less daily responsibilities as the Ambassador Program, but allow for students to shape the EAA’s programs and outreach. There are several committees, and students can help on any committee.
  • Join as an Officer or Board Member-at-Large
    • Board and Officer positions may require UIAA dues (however, this can vary for students). These positions are the highest level of leadership in the EAA. It is not uncommon for the Board to actively solicit outstanding students to serve as board members.


The EAA Student Ambassador Program in an opportunity for high-achieving engineering students to be involved with the EAA’s upper leadership. Selected students will serve for one academic year, working directly with the EAA Student Engagement Committee, and may also be invited to attend Board Meetings and participate in other leadership roles. Ambassadors will have a unique role in growing student membership, while assisting in developing alumni and outreach events. Details can be found here.


Coming Soon! This will be an informal relationship between students and alumni to answer questions students have about academic and career paths, life after graduation, and begin building a network for students. If you’d like to be kept informed of this program and when it becomes available, email us and ask to be given updates on the Mentoring Program.


Does your engineering student organization want to connect with the EAA and hear from alumni with experience in the field? Contact the student engagement committee if interested.


Are you a student and want to know more? Email us at

You can also find us on the EAA’s Facebook page: