Jerry Meyerhoff


Jerry Meyerhoff is currently President of UIC EAA.  He previously served as President Elect, Programs Chair and is a founding member.  Jerry earned his BSEE from UIC in 1970 at which time he joined Motorola’s Communications Division.  His career entailed many technical leadership positions and culminated in 2009 in the automotive business, which transferred to Continental AG.  Completing corporate life, Jerry formed JDM LABS LLC, a company that consults on electromagnetic compatibility across industry lines.  He is a long-standing officer and a distinguished lecturer for the IEEE EMC Society Chicago Chapter.

Jerry envisions consulting “forever” as the evolving world of electronics creates more EMC opportunities.  The emerging Chicago technology-entrepreneur scene will provide continual challenges to share industry and business experience.  Jerry is devoted to speaking to students of all ages about engineering careers.  Jerry’s engineering passion is only sidelined to take his bicycle touring or on challenge rides.  He travels with his wife, a UIC graduate, and engages in DIY home projects.  Jerry’s new grandson will enjoy growing up with stimulating engineering bent activities.  For now, Jerry will focus on the UIC engineering students at Career Prep Days, Engineering EXPO, the professional societies, National Engineering week, and STEM events locally.  Connect with Jerry on LinkedIn.

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