Support to Alumni Strategic Planning Committee


Susan Errichiello – Chair

Ron Kollman

April 11, 2016:

Scope: The Strategic Alumni Committee works to engage engineering alumni socially through networking events aligning new and seasoned engineers building new relationships. The group will support improvements to the UIC EAA website allowing for information, pictures, and events. The goal is to increase the number of UIC engineering alumni that participate in engineering campus events. The committee also desires to make engineering alumni aware of the new UIC EAA group.

The committee has put a survey together to determine the needs of UIC engineering alumni. Mainly responses have been from students.

  1. The committee is looking at events that can begin to engage alumni and welcome them to the EAA. These events may include a wine tasting, Museum of Surgical Science, Museum of Contemporary Art, Kendall College evening of cooking, architectural walking tour, sailing on Lake Michigan, neighborhood food walks (Pilsen, Chinatown, Wicker Park), and team participation in a bike race or tour.
  2. New graduates are the future alumni. Build the EAA with from the beginning. Offer a year after graduation as a member.
  3. Interview new engineers at Engineering Expo for article on web page. Get picture and project.

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